Administrative pages

Administrative access

Administrative functions can be delegated to user groups.

Database columns

Add new columns to a table and manage tables: assign OBM meanings to the columns.

  • data: general
  • spatial geometry: this column can be used for map creation
  • scientific species name: this column can be used in taxon management
  • alternative names: this column can be used in taxon management
  • date this column can be used in date filters
  • no. of individuals: can be used in summary functions
  • rowid: not used
  • latitude: together with longitude can be used for creating spatial geometry
  • longitude: together with latitude can be used for creating spatial geometry
  • citing: used in summary functions
  • sensitive:
  • attacment: file attacmnets colum
  • UTM Zone: used in spatial geometry creation


Create and manage groups


Manage optional SQL functions and triggers:

  • Taxon list auto update: Add ‘scientific name’ and ‘alternative names’ to the taxon table which used by the taxon filter
  • Taxon name auto update: updates the data table on taxon table updating
  • History: creates a history on line in history table on every update and delete
  • Access rules: Custom rules can be defined for the uploaded data user assignments.

Species names

Taxon table management interface


Overview of set access rules and their work statuses.


  • Global translations: global translations are periodically updated from this github repository: Feel free to improve translations!
  • Local translations:
    Use the ‘str_’ prefix, followed by some pretty understandable English expression. Eg: str_observations, the translation of which must be given in the given active language. In this case, observation.

When you change the language of a web page, you can set other translations for the same terms.



Interrupted uploads

List of interrupted/saved imports of the whole project. Admins can load these imports.

File manager

List of uploaded attacments. Attachement can be managed here.

SQL query settings

SQL setting for map and text quieries.

The query can contain magic-words. Some magic-word used my modules. The magic-words marked with % characters and replaced by the query creator with something valid SQL string.

SELECT obm_id, %grid_geometry% AS obm_geometry %selected%
FROM %F%checkitout c%F%
WHERE %geometry_type% %envelope% %qstr%

Web Map Layers

OpenLayer settings for web-map interface


Project memeber management interface.

Mapserver settings

Raw version of mapfile. See the mapserver documentation for updating this file.

Server logs

Read logs of mapserver or web app logger.