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Opening page

We can create custom opening pages for projects. There are templates and pre-made functions for this, but in fact, this landing page can be any custom website. By default, a template called gridbox is loaded, which itself can be customised. We can configure the landing page in the local_vars.php.inc file. If the LOGINPAGE variable is set to mainpage, the main page template configured in the MAINPAGE variable will be loaded.

  'template'=>'gridbox', //intropage
  'content1'=>'map',   // map | upload-table | slideshow
  'sidebar1'=>'column_something.project|custom_countries|members|uploads|data|species|species_stat|hotlinks', // members uploads data species species_stat

Here are some screenshot examples from different projects:

map query page

No separate landing page is set

boxed landing page

with map on main site

boxed landing page

with image gallery in main location

boxed landing page

Full screen with slide-in image gallery

boxed landing page

More boxed landing pages with upload history in the main location

map landing page leaflet with map

Project embedded in a landing page interface