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Upload data workflow

The following options are available for data uploading

  • File upload

    Supported formats:

    • Simple text formats: csv, dsv, tsv, json

    • Image files: jpg, tiff (Exif column will be processed)

    • Spreadsheet formats: ods (Libreoffice), xls (Excel), xlsx (Excel)

    • Spatial formats: Esri shape (.shp, .dbf, .cpg, .prj, .shx together), gpx (GPS adatformátum (xml)), sqlite

    • Genetic data: fasta

    Any kind of file (listed above) can be gathered from a given URL (simple GET request)

  • Web Form

  • External programs

    • Using API interface (e.g. mobile-app, R-client)

    • Using SQL connection (e.g. QGIS)

Data export from the upload forms

During the upload or from the saved uploads interfaces it is possible to export data into a CSV file.