The objectives of the openbiomaps project are to maintain an open and free biological database service and to develop biological data collection and management software to support effective biodiversity data management. The openbiomaps project thus provides a stable background for open and free biological databases, specifically for scientists and conservationists, and its customizable toolset facilitates easy access and management of data.

Main properties

  • Creating and managing custom databases
  • Easy data import from varios formats (xls, gpx, shp, csv ...)
  • Repeatable and citable queries
  • DataCite DOI
  • Exporting data into various formats (csv, gpx)
  • Accessing data from remote databases or desktop applications (e.g R, QGIS)
  • Decentralized community
  • Customizable data management interfaces
  • Customizable data collecting interfaces
  • Freely available software
  • Open or closed data according to individual needs

Frequently asked questions

Introductory flyer

Resources & Services

Mobile App
Map & Database Servers
Computation servers
OpenSource Web Application

Latest news

OBM-Insight is an RShiny-based application that allows OpenBioMaps users to explore and analyse the data in their databases. It is a standalone application that can be used individually or as a free service and can connect to any known OpenBioMaps instance. The application retrieves data from remote PostgreSQL databases for the user via a database connection through the OpenBioMaps API.
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