for supporting open access biological databases

There are two objectives of the openbiomaps project: First, to maintain an open and free biological database service, and; Second, to develop biological data handling software applications. The openbiomaps project thus provides a stable background for open and free biological databases, specifically for scientists and conservationists, and its customizable toolset facilitates easy access and management of data.

Main properties

  • Creating and managing custom databases
  • Easy data import from varios formats (xls, gpx, shp, csv ...)
  • Repeatable and citable queries
  • DataCite DOI
  • Exporting data into various formats (csv, gpx)
  • Accessing data from remote databases or desktop applications (e.g R, QGIS)
  • Decentralized community
  • Customizable data management interfaces
  • Customizable data collecting interfaces
  • Free and open softwares
  • Open data

Resources & Services

Mobile App
  • OpenSource
  • Cross platform
  • Download from Google Play
Map & Database Servers
Computation servers
Computation nodes
OpenSource Web Application
Docker installation

Latest news

Results of the VI. OBM CodeCamp which is the IV. Autumn coding
- Job management interface
- OBM Docker imgage updated to use Postgres 11
- Using SuperSpecies in OpenBioMaps
- New server installed for Kiskunság National Park
Felsőtárkány, Hungary - 2020-10-29 - 2020-11-01.
Supporting OBM for science with EOSC computing capacity
Debrecen, Hungary - 2020-10-08.